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Dart Board Measurements for Set Up

Many thanks, A lot of information!

We frequently get asked what the correct distance and height from a dart board should be, so we have put together this handy little guide for our readers, in order to assist in assuring you have the correct measurement setup.

How%2BTo%2BBecome%2BProfessional%2BDart%2BPlayer.jpgAlthough, if you wish to stand further back, feel free to do so, as some darts players tend to do. The world darts federation has listed 7ft and 9 ¼ inches as the closest throwing distance from the board. Although, you might receive some funny looks, as the assumption in this game is that the closer you are to the dartboard the higher your chances are of scoring high.

A metal slot will have to be hammered on to your backboard or wall. All bristle dartboards come with the necessary parts you need to hang the board on your wall. One of the most common dartboards seen through homes across the country, bristle dartboards require a little hands-on work.

Or the left foot, but we’ll get to that in How to throw a professional dart board set. But wait, before hanging your dartboard, make sure you have enough space in front of it. You need roughly 2500mm, but take a look at the diagram below so you know you’re starting out on the right foot.

For example the distance for darts throwing line for the Fives dartboards is 9 ft. The two aforementioned dartboards only utilize multiples of the number 5, the numbers 5, 10, 15, and 20. These dartboards not only come with different numbering sequences but also with different dart board measurements.

We’re assuming you’ve bought your electronic dartboard, some darts with super slick personalized flights and http://electronic-dart-board.blogspot.com/ a brand new mahogany cabinet, you’re all ready to go! But… where are you going to put your dartboard?

Adding a dedicated light to shine on the scorpion dart board parts board and dart scoreboard is a great added touch which doesn't take a lot of extra time or money if you can do it before the drywall phase.  I put in a standard ceiling can light with a deflector add-on which points the light specifically towards the board.  I gave this light it's own switch with a dimmer.

We’ve listed the dart board measurements including the hanging distance, throwing distance and distance for darts throwing line. All those questions will be answered and many more. or who decided to number the dartboard the way they did? Of course you are properly equipped with the right knowledge and you can begin playing but some may wonder: Who decided we should stand 7 feet away when shooting a dart?


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